Wild Woman, why we need YOU

Wild Woman, why we need YOU  …

When a Woman is possessed by her Wildness you can FEEL it.

She is a tangible force, vibrant and tingling with the joy and pleasure of being ALIVE. Riding the waves of life’s inevitable ups and downs with grace and wisdom.

When a woman`s wildness has been locked-up, unexpressed and hidden in mastering the doing – organizing – the structure of the hustle and man-mode…

She is suffering, dramatically, quietly often alone.

Perhaps the noise of her neglected body. A soul-less treadmill of work. A sexless relationship. The longing for deeper intimacy…

When a woman is cut off from the life-source of desire and the deep connection she can feel tired, stuck … even heavy-hearted and burned-out.

When she takes a deep slow full breath… She returns home into her body, the body of her awareness.

Now imagine … She slips into the comfort and company of inspiring like-minds, dancing deep into the luscious soul of desire, intensity and the rawness that embodies all of her.

Grief, joy, ecstasy and struggle all belong to the Wild Woman, in all of her unrestrained glory.

The Wild Women and Wine Show connect women around the globe who desire to live full-out and explore, the luscious life of their desire, through the magnificent community, connection and conversation.

A journey from the constrained cubicle of self-containment into the glory of the fully-expressed feminine self…

And everything in between.

Conversation over a slow, sensory sip. A fine glass of wine.

The Wild Woman is on a journey of deeper self-discovery, into the heart of desire, clarity of divine purpose and contribution. And self-love, the most basic essential to beauty.

She desires to be fully-expressed, it begins where-ever she at this moment, however, she is now …

Join us for the pleasure of real conversation about Life, Love and Lusciousness.

Dear Wild Woman, we are waiting for you…


Let`s continue the conversation, what are the next steps on this luscious life journey?  … .Click here   It would be a pleasure to connect with YOU.



Are you stuck in man-mode?

Dear Wild and Wonderful Woman,IMG_3335

Question for you…

How would you rate your vitality?

I mean… do you poop out in the afternoon or early evening?

… or do you have vitality to last all day long?

Do you ever wake up tired? Want to hide out under the covers?

Perhaps even push yourself through “one of those days” … again.

Do you book up your calendar so tight no there is no wiggle room for spontaneous fun and adventure or simple yet much needed down-time?

If you answer yes to any of these questions there is a possibility that you are dabbling in Man-Mode. And perhaps even fully immersed.

YIkes! What does that mean?

It could mean the ups and downs of stress have drained and depleted you.

Perhaps you have swung into the hustle and bustle of the PUSH energy required to get things done. Perhaps at times you are ‘undone’ by aging stress hormones.

Those bullies!

Interfering with the flow and radiance of your sexy hormones. This is no science lesson…  yet most of us can nod a yes from understanding how this feels in our body.

Tiredness. Bloating. Restless sleep. Searching for an afternoon coffee or carb boost. Simply feeling off and you cannot put your finger on it. And yes, feeling ‘good’ at times but not often enough. Not feeling on purpose.

And the natural flow of your feminine nature has taken a back seat to the rest of the world.


As women we may simply call it stress when in fact we have slipped into the Hustle, the get’er done mode. Working our asses off .. and exhausting ourselves. Being everything for everyone.

Yes there is a different way… And still get things done!


Today I invite you to FEEL into your day… 

I entice you to infuse your day with more pleasure. This means taking a moment and putting your attention on YOU.


Yes YOU. Carve out time for you today. And ask yourself what will bring you more pleasure and joy today?

Pleasure animates you. Being feminine means embracing ALL of who you are, taking a stand for your values, what is most important to you … and taking time for your own pleasure.

Yes you can be Bad-ass and Beautiful.

You are a smart and savvy powerhouse.

Your desire is the fuel that creates your luscious life, one of your own desire… that fills you up. Now go take a moment for YOU. A Pleasure Pause. A deep Breath.



May I entice you to explore the upcoming Radiance Rejuvenation Retreat in Mexico? As the discerning wild woman that you are…

Perhaps your next best step is a big, bold beautiful one…right onto your own private beach, rejuvenation, pleasure, luxury… Shake it up! Radical fun! Dramatic transformational shift.

And real connection.

You are not alone.

To reach out for a warm heart and more information about what is possible for your journey… Click here to connect. I am here to help.

Loads of Love, MaryFrances