Client Success Stories from Working
with MaryFrances

Dr. Nicole Fortin, Calgary, AB

Loral Langemeier - Author of The Millionaire Maker and Featured Expert In The Secret​​​​

Glenna Anthony, Calgary, AB
Radiance Rejuvenation in Mexico

Dr. Robert Clarke, Calgary, AB

Susanna Heimann, California

Sally D'Cesare, Washington, DC

Even better than the video - check out these before and after pictures of Sally:

Sally before the Retreat in Mexcio

Sally after the Retreat in Mexico.

I was closed off from the world, my friends and even family. I was spending a lot of time by myself, going out was a challenge so I avoided it as much as possible. Deep inside I was feeling alone and unfulfilled with my life.

Through working with MaryFrances, my entire life has changed. My outlook on life is completely different as I am now able to deal with life challenges with a more positive, open and balanced attitude, impacting both personal and professional life.

Now I understand how setting boundaries in both areas allows my life to flow with more ease and peace.

Today I am strong, powerful, confident and sexy! And it`s OK to share the real me with the world! I am no longer hiding out on the couch. I embrace all that life has to offer, as I feel alive and grateful to be moving in a new direction, open and authentic… the real me showing up.

Thank you, Cyndi Parkinson, Accountant, Calgary, Alberta

I have working with MaryFrances for about 9 years, and the experience has been nourishing for my body and soul.
She provides support to me in a variety of ways; we started with cranio-sacral and massage work, and have
progressed to work mentoring and coaching. In offering her perspectives she is insightful … thoughtful … joyful …

MaryFrances shares her wisdom and infectious enthusiasm for life, balancing both realism and hopefulness in a
manner that allows me to see situations clearly for what they are, and helps me to uncover how to improve my
health and my approach to dealing with life’s challenging moments!

A recent experience was a five day retreat to Mexico in December 2014, where MaryFrances blended all of the
above with superb accommodations, gourmet food and nutrition education, gentle exercise and plenty of sea air
and Pacific surf. I experienced amazing spiritual growth that left me filled with gratitude, and returned rested and
rejuvenated. It was a high point of my year.
Thank-you, dear friend! 

Jeanie McKibbon, C.P.A., Calgary, Alberta

I was referred to MaryFrances upon the recommendation from Gloria Askew (renown nutrition expert, speaker and author) as I was looking for guidance and the steps to take towards becoming more “healthy and well”.

Deep inside, I had confusion around the direction my life seemed to be taking. I had concerns in my heart around personal relationships. My self image was depleted and I had worries about how to age with grace and acceptance.

Through MaryFrances`s 6-month healing and guidance program, the Radiance Rejuvenation Retreat in Mexico and through her workshops, I have developed an expanded sense of self awareness. I learned about boundaries and values to empower my life and to stay connected to myself. I can utilize all that I have learned from MaryFrances so that I am NOT stuck in my past any longer.

Today I am more confident with greater self respect as I have become more open honest and real about my feelings, found my voice especially with my family.

I have the awareness to know when I am functioning at a high vibration and what to do when I sink lower by recognizing when I am not grounded.
I am a work in progress – and I like that! I am Enthusiastic!

Roselyn Jack, Philanthropist, Calgary, Alberta

I was feeling very depressed, disconnected and without joy in my life. The highs and lows of my relationships were breaking my heart. Work stress was so exhausting that had trouble concentrating. Sleeping deeply and through the night was impossible.

Over the course of our sessions together I became more centred and grounded within myself. I experienced increased confidence and clarity with regard to my job choices. I discovered boundaries with personal relationships. And I even found the real me coming back to life.

Now I am able to connect with my friends and family easier and the heavy cloud cover of my depression has lifted. MaryFrances guided me to understand and trust the wisdom already inside of me. Her healing touch filled me up and I always came away feeling wonderful.

Today I am more at peace with myself and my life choices. I left the job and found one more in line with who I am. Not only am I happier but I am also making more money!  All my sessions were an uplifting experience of healing both physically and emotionally. I am very thankful to have MaryFrances in my life.

Thank you, Adrienne McCleary, C.P.A., Calgary, Alberta

After a near fatal motor vehicle collision in 2009, I suffered with physical and cognitive injuries. I was extremely tired and achy all the time, could not focus at school and suffered from anxiety that I could not ease

and my entire life felt like it was over.

I continued to be misdiagnosed and was not getting better, I decided to start helping myself by seeking out and researching different, alternative medical treatments. That`s when I found MaryFrances.

Since working with MaryFrances, I am simply happier. I learned to listen to my body and am confident in understanding my body`s own needs. Now, I live a more calm, centered and positive lifestyle.

My concentration has improved immensely to the point that I am no longer medicated for it!

Anxiety is manageable and MaryFrances has taught me to develop strategies to relax and find my inner calm. Today I live in control of my body as opposed to letting my body control and limit me. My new self awareness allows me to connect with myself and move though my days with more ease, focus and greater sense of possibility for my life.

I am amazed! I consider myself the most fortunate person to have received this life changing experience with MaryFrances. I know I am a strong and positive person today because of investing in myself with MaryFrances.

MJ Vergara, University of Lethbridge Student, Soccer Athlete, Calgary, Alberta

I was lacking direction professionally and looking for a way to break the log jam I felt in my life.

Through the 1-Day Radiance Rejuvenation VIP Day with MaryFrances, I have become more accepting of where I am in my journey. I used to deal with my physical world at the expense of the spiritual world. Working with MaryFrances I discovered how to pay more consistent attention to my spiritual self and use the take home tools to support the shift.

I am grateful for learning new strategies in support my life, find balance and stay connected with myself.

Now, I feel more confident that I have something of value to offer this world. I even feel relieved that I`m not such a basket case, as I thought I was!

Natalie Zacher, Speech Therapist, Business Owner, Calgary, Alberta.

When I first met MaryFrances her personality won me over!

I had tension! Lots of it in my neck and shoulders with far too much work related stress in my body.

Our coaching session around values was an asset in discovering greater understanding and broader perspective around the next best steps to take in my life. I have since learned how to “let go”!

My life has moved forward with greater ease, a new job, more fun with my kids mime-attachmentand a lot less tension.Today I feel wonderful!

Thank you, Randy Blott, Finance, Calgary, Alberta.

I came to MaryFrances through a friend and firstly, I have to say that she is one of the most positive, energetic professionals that I have ever dealt with.

My life has been in transition – unemployment, separation, moving and selling my home, a painful injury – all were taking their toll. I didn’t recognize this person that cried all the time and I wanted my composure back.

I reached out to MaryFrances not knowing what she could help me with. Her response was immediate and gave me some hope.

My first session was highly emotional, MaryFrances calmed me down, worked with my body and energy fields in a completely non invasive and comforting way and by the time I left her, I felt more like myself than I had in months, calm, centered, grounded and feeling my own energy for the first time in a while.

Within 24 hours I realized that my painful hip injury had gone from constant acute spasms to occasional pain. Still with issues but at a much more manageable level. The constant emotional breakdowns have stopped, my anxiety and overwhelm have also been reduced to manageable levels.

I have found the energy to face life head on again thanks to MaryFrances. I have seen her again and there is more work to do but every meeting brings progress and helps me to keep myself on track.

I really believe that her interventions have brought me closer to being the person I want to be again! It took a while to get so far from centre but I think that I am back to being myself with some support, won’t lose it again and can work towards the new and improved version.

I would not hesitate to recommend MaryFrances to help you through an issue or even just for an energy tune up. She has my undying gratitude for her tremendous skills and empathy.

~Carolyn Campbell, Age 50, Administration, Calgary, Alberta

”MaryFrances, You are awesome. You taught me to pay attention to my body, to take the time to listen to my body. By using your techniques I was able to hear the messages of stress … and then alleviate them.”

Keith Tong, Author, Business/RealEstate Investor – Pharmacist, Vancouver, B.C.

~”Spectacular! MaryFrances’ program has touched my life and my heart. I have more awareness and therefor more able to adapt to life`s inevitable stresses”

Kathryn Easthope, Mother of 10, small business owner. Cardston, Alberta

"MaryFrances is an enlightened person who is amazing. She guided me through an approach that allowed me to relax and centre myself. I will look forward to receiving future guidance from her."

Frank Vandongen MBA, Business owner, Triathlete. Calgary, Alberta

"MaryFrances is an amazing woman with so much great value to offer everyone who comes into her life through her life changing programs.”

Nick Petryk, Entrepreneur, Speaker, High School Millionaire, Calgary Alberta

“MaryFrances assisted me in finding my centre and becoming calm before I had to go on stage to educate business owners. Thank you! What perfect timing to help me rock the stage. You ROCK!”

Cheryl Bishop,General Manager Make Your Mark Training & Consulting, Surrey, B.C.

“MaryFrances is a genuine and sincere speaker with heart and soul.. and with a clear message for empowering my life, she inspired me to feel at ease within myself … and I love the “feeling sexy” part. Thank you!”

Brenda Hahn, Architectural Design Specialist, Vancouver B.C.

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