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 JOIN US ... Simple savvy steps and key tools  

Thursday, October 24th, 7pm - 9pm 

Location: Core Wellness, 628 11 Avenue SW, Calgary

  • Are you so done with dreadful dates? Endless texting going nowhere?
  • Has the online scene exasperated you to no end!! So much so you feel there are no "good men" out there?
  • Are you challenged to meet single men of the caliber YOU desire, in your day to day life?

Let’s face it, we ALL know the dating game is agony!

 We get it, we’ve been there too!

  • Are you DONE with wasting your time “out there” disappointed with one more boring coffee date that goes nowhere?
  • Let’s get real … (Single or married!!) Are you lonely and longing for real masculine connection and energy?

Dating doesn't have to be a complicated and unrewarding experience!

The real question is …  

Are you ready for Epic Love?

If you answered yes, yes or yes to any of the questions, fabulous! YES here is hope, more than hope!  Miles more than hoping and wishing on a wing and a prayer.  You deserve to be cherished by the man of your dreams. 

Rest easy, you are in the right place. There is a way...

Introducing The Modern Method, the modern way for you, the discerning woman to ramp up your feminine intrigue and meet quality men who share the same vision, values and interests that you do. 

The Modern Method provides key tools for understanding the process of finding love by putting you in the driver’s seat of the love bus!  

Rest assured, this method is not your twenty-something dating game. This is a mature savvy approach peppered with time-honored matching making skills that only a 25year experienced ”head hunter” turned “matchmaker” would know how to do!

Mix in a little sassy sexy re-boot of your alluring feminine DNA  - the brilliant, fun and magnetizing woman that you were before divorce and life’s endless responsibilities of career, parenting, and the whole laundry list of things as you grew you into the ‘empowered-gladiator woman’.

The Modern Method is a fresh, exciting and transformational collaboration between MaryFrances Barbisan and Colleen Herbst designed to change your life and love, once and for all.

We will pull the curtain back… 

  • You will crack the code and rewire your dating DNA 
  • Re-ignite your magnetic mystique
  • Reorganize past patterns of 'man-mode' into luscious vitality
  • Gain poised clarity on your desires and defined boundaries on the deal breakers

So that... you walk away inspired, ingnited and delighted! Ready to take the next savvy steps to reclaim your love life, YOUR way!


MaryFrances Barbisan R.N.

After 9 head-on car crashes, in the passenger seat every time, MaryFrances made the powerful decision to get behind the wheel of her own life

and discover the secrets of soulful replenishment and creating the juicy  life of her own divine design.

For over 30 years, as a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Pleasure Coach, Retreat Leader, working with thousands of mid-life women,

MaryFrances knows first hand, how so many are tired-out, stressed-out, burned-out…

 and even dried out. 

Today, MaryFrances shares with YOU how to unwind from the hustle and grind of


and transform  dating frustration into the luscious vitality and poise of feminine presence

 Colleen Herbst 

Colleen was running a successful Executive Search Employment Agency when her marriage of thirty years took a dramatic turn.

It took every ounce of her strength to get through the divorce. 

Colleen also felt that she has missed out on epic love, the thing she wanted more than anything.

Friends and family encouraged her to use her unique headhunting skills to find an amazing man and build a happy second act.

Colleen worked hard on releasing the past, changing her mindset about being single and dating, and took on the most important headhunting assignment she had ever had in her 25 years.  

 Colleen married the love of her life, Arlyn in 2017 and together have a big, energetic family of nine children.

Inviting you to say YES,

to YOU!

Join us for this unleashed in-person training

Thursday, October 24th, 7:00 - 9pm 

Location: Core Wellness, 628 11 Avenue SW, Calgary

TIC TOC goes the CLOCK...


It's YOUR time

Look forward to seeing soon! 

Lotsa Love, MaryFrances and Colleen