The Wild Woman's Journey
Code your Field for Epic Love

Private sensuality coaching 

For the deliciously discerning woman
who desires heart-centred connection,
soulful replenishment,
and the juicy pleasure of unfolding the luscious life of her desire.

With MaryFrances Barbisan R.N.

 So many mature women are ...

- tired-out, worn-out, burned out and even dried -out!

- Working way too hard and yearning to deeply and soulfully replenish.

- Disconnected from their vibrant juicy vitality.

- Leading from their heart, knowing the world needs them NOW in a brand new way.

- Ready to let go of the draining hustle and grind, and step into a new paradigm... and still get stuff done without depletion. 

- Longing for MORE and can't quite put their finger on what that would be.

MaryFrances helps women ignite a fire under exhausting dried-out depletion, to soulfully replenish, fill with vibrant vitality and claim the luscious life they truly desire.

Bottom line, live and give from the overflow of energy with feminine power, purpose and poise. 

 the Wild Woman's Journey you will...

  • Practise the feminine arts of pleasure, desire and full body presence to allow more elegance and ease to flow through your life.
  • Tap into your inner wise woman as the guiding force in your life.
  • Connect with your deepest desires so that you live lit-up every day in alignment with what is true for YOU.
  • heart
    Fill the longing for deep replenishment of divine feminine connection where you will feel welcomed into a powerful sisterhood with real conversation, and heart-centred connection.
  • heart
    Learn with the Secret Sexy Sauce of exquisite sacred self-care so that you wake up every day the queen of your world, invigorated, and energized.
  • heart
    Heal your burn-out or exhaustion so that you can live healthy and well on ALL levels and rekindle your sassy sexy and healthy self.
  • heart
    Pay attention to yourself, perhaps even for the first time, in a kind, feminine, supported space.

It is your time!

Dearest Love,

How would it feel to have a wild LOVE AFFAIR with your own life?

Imagine ...

 A PLEASURE PAUSE in your life, a pause from life’ s busy go-go-go, a pause for YOUR replenishment.


Graciously designed private programs and retreats for you to get you out of your head, into your body, into the full range of your emotions, your full expression, your intuition... into your BRILLIANCE.

Are you ready to disrupt your usual mundane weekend patterns ?

When was the last time you fanned the flames of your own desire?

Tune-in with your body...

How does she feel?  Are you ready to pay her more attention? Read on...

We live in a culture where we are at war with our bodies, undervalued at work, not speaking up, depleted and disconnected from our truth. You are way too valuable to waste time playing quiet, struggling, discouraged or lonely. 

The time is now to break the spell of out-dated rules and beliefs about what "should" be, so that you can create freely, the life YOU love. 

Perhaps your life feels good, even really good... and yet sometimes it feels off course just so slightly and you can't quite put your finger on what feels off, then it is time for change...

A pleasure pause, a vibrant lusicous journey, just for you.


Waking up every morning rested, invigorated and grateful for the wild love affair you are having with your life. 

Graciously moving through the inevitable ups and downs of life with unshakeable confidence, ease and balance. 

Pleasure and fulfilment, the guiding force and fuel for your day.

Contributing to the world in your magnificent ways... without exhausting yourself.

Connecting spiritually to your divine right purpose.

And, at the end of the day, winding down in the manner that you absolutely divinely love most...

If there is a quiet voice that whispers yes... Listen to her

The Wild Woman's Journey embodies the wisdom of women's bodies, her heart-breaks, her joys, her vulnerability, her longing for deep understanding, witness and care. And to have a ton of FUN. No matter what!

This program is designed for you...your way, your desires.

A special message
 from MaryFrances

Dear Beloved

I am so excited to welcome you into this powerful experience where you will play in the pleasure and replenishment of community. I see your beautiful heart and how you pour your love into all areas of your life, how you juggle "it all" and "get'er done".

And we were never designed to go it alone.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Health Professional, Chartered Accountant, Corporate Executive, Fitness leader, Admin Support, Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Teacher, IT expert ... you get the picture, this weekend is for YOU.

Decades ago, actually my entire adult life... I began exploring woman`s wellness, sensuality and feminine replenishment. Through my own healing journey, I have lived the FULL range of being filled and fuelled within a community and exhausted to complete depletion and devastation without. 

It is simple. we are better together.

Years ago, as a result of a head-on car crash, one of nine actually, where I was in the passenger seat every time, I was told I would never work again. I was alone and broke on all levels. And I needed to heal and get into the driver's seat of my own life.

The incident was the catalyst which brought me to explore and discover ancient yet modern ways to heal and nourish my broken body, mind and the depth of my soul.

But I could not keep these healing "secrets" to myself. For the past 20 years, I have been working with clients one-on-one, leading small groups and retreats ocean-side in Mexico.

And now I am launching the Wild Woman's Weekend!

Because more women need to heal. More women need to let go of the hustle and "push" energy. More women need to remember who they truly are.

And that includes you!

During this transformatinal weekend, I will open the vault and share my secrets. Unlike any other women's event because it is designed to be a combination of experiential, reflection and connection.

One of my biggest surprises on my own healing journey was that I found fuel within community - within a sisterhood of like-minded women.

And I want to invite you into the Wild Woman's community.

During this weekend event you will:

  • Turn your depletion into replenishment
  • Transform exhaustion into vibrancy
  • Let go of the hurts, and step into your sassy, sexy self

The Wild Woman's Weekend is about exploring and claiming the expansiveness of YOU, every musical note of who you are.  It's about life, love... and sisterhood.

I would love to share this edgy, expansive, transformational... and totally fun experience with you!


You have my word, my heart and my belief in YOU xo

MaryFrances Barbisan R.N.

Founder fo the WIld Woman's Journey, CEO MaryFrances International Inc.

The Wild Woman's​ Journey

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With MaryFrances Barbisan R.N.

It is your time!

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