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The deliciously discerning woman who desires more life,

 love and lusciousness in her world!

  • Softly yet powerfully dismantle the entangled energies of life stress so that you reconnect with your vibrant vitality.
  • Be guided through a personal journey of self-discovery, uplifted health and wellness and guilt-free pleasure.
  • You will unwind from the “hustle” of life so that you live in alignment with your true divine design and life purpose.
  • Ease into the potency and power of a life in alignment with your own truth, as you contribute in the world in the magnificent ways that you do.

While you entice a wild love affair with your own life!

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MaryFrances Barbisan R.N.,

Registered Nurse, Internationally Certified Sex Coach, R.M.T., CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master and yes, even a Sommelier, is an expert renown for enlivening women to let go and embrace more juicy pleasures, vitality and joy in life .

MaryFrances inspires and teaches women in business how to to unwind from the “hustle and grind” of exhaustive man-mode in order to soulfully replenish and navigate the inevitable ups and downs of life and business with greater ease, joy and vibrancy.


MaryFrances masterfully slices through the muck of mind chatter, excuses and history that stifles your authentic radiant nature of expression. Get ready to uplift your vitality and therefor your business and live the grandest life that you desire, your way!

As a Healing Guide, MaryFrances rejuvenates and accelerates personal and professional health and wellness through life-changing private 1:1 sessions, small group programs and magnificent international retreats.

MaryFrances speaks to and releases the adventurer in each of us who quests for an authentic, lit-up and extraordinary life.

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