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For the discerning woman who desires more…

from life,


and the feeling of her own sexuality





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The Art of Ecstatic Living and Loving

Uniquely designed personalized coaching,

 ready for the deliciously discerning woman who desires,

and requires 

to claim an exquisite, extraordinary life

on all levels.

* You will softly yet powerfully dismantle the exhaustive, tangled energy of  *stress* so that you reconnect with the laser sharp potency of your sassy sexy self with extreme integrity.

* You will release the surface tension of your historic, repeating sob story… you know, that *stuff*  that lives and repeats upfront and loud in your face or perhaps  pulsates silently, hidden in the depth of your shame, dimming your light…

* You will learn how to re-code your energetic field so that you claim your own exacting standards in all areas while you learn how to receive the full intuitive guidance, already YOURS to tap into of self-discovery, uplifted vibrant wellness and guilt-free pleasure. 

* You will unwind from the hustle and grind of an ass backward life, hypnotized by the get’er done grind of  *man-mode*  and face bravely and fully forward so that you live in alignment with your true deliciously divine design, claim your erotic nature …

So that you contribute in the world in the the most exquisite, authentic, magnificent ways that you do.

Anything  less… is a lie.

It is YOUR time

Dare yourself

Have a wild love affair with your own life…

Meet MaryFrances


The dynamic spark of originality known as MaryFrances Barbisan is vital, vibrant, sensual life energy personified.

Her personality is mercurial, her interests are multi-faceted and diverse, her talents and training are essentially designed and aligned with supreme wellness transformation, healing, mind, body and soul. 

For over 3 decades, MaryFrances Barbisan R.N., R.M.T., Internationally Certified Sex Coach, Cranio-Sacral Intuitive, Reiki Master and yes, even a Sommelier, is an expert renown for educating and enlivening women and men to *let go* and explore the fullest freedom of the true expression of individuality.

Utilizing proprietary alchemical laser beam coaching, programs and magnificent international ocean-front retreats,  MaryFrances’ clients have a direct experience with their own primal creative essence. Clients claim their unique  *energetic signature* and authentic radiant nature with exquisite joy, revitalized in their lives, personally and professionally.

Explore a journey into the fullest expression of who you are…

“The Beauty of Life and Love expressed as Art,

YOU the Genius Masterpiece, 

is an extraordinary adventure to explore”


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MaryFrances offers exquisitely designed bespoke sessions, elegant and extraordinary. Offered by application only.

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